Train as you fight!

To improve operator readiness, John Cockerill Defense designs, develops, integrates, deploys, and supports a comprehensive range of innovative simulation-based solutions. These solutions, marketed under the brand name Agueris®, include Generic Virtual Simulators, Nested Simulators, and Mobile Simulators (installed in trailers).

One of the main advantages of the Agueris® Generic Virtual Simulator is its multi-system capability: the same simulator can simulate different turrets, from a medium caliber turret to a large caliber turret, and switch from one to the other in a few minutes. At the other side of the spectrum, in the Nested Simulator, the crew trains in its real turret, which is plugged to the simulator. Being trained inside its real environment, with the exact odors, tightness, noises, turret motions… allows the crew members to develop operational reflexes that can be decisive in the battlefield.

The John Cockerill Defense simulators provide customized training solutions for the entire range of military requirements, ranging from basic exercises to various operational and tactical levels. Interconnected, they cover at a lower cost the full range of military training for personnel, sections, and platoons.