Superior performance provided to the crew on the modern battlefield

The Cockerill™ 3105 lethality solution offers a mature and qualified solution for wheeled and tracked platforms.

At least one hundred Cockerill™ 3105 turrets with Cockerill™ 105mm High Pressure (HP) cannons are currently in production for a Middle Eastern ally.  These turrets are integrated onto wheeled vehicles very similar to U.S. Strykers.  Having a “HOT” production line allows John Cockerill Defense America to rapidly respond to non-developmental aspects of US combat vehicle programs.

The Cockerill™ 3105 consists of proven, mature, and in-production components that minimize risk and shorten fielding timelines. Our target acquisition sights identify threats while our proprietary fire control allows engagement at maximum effective range of our armament suite.  Our highly reliable autoloader and main gun ready round capacity reduces resupply activities and allows combatants to stay in the fight longer. Main gun elevation capability of +42 degrees provides a greater field of fire in urban environments against dismounted threats engaging from upper building floors.

This modern designed turret offers many advantages to empower the American warfighter of today, with protection, precision, and firepower necessary to fulfil the mission.

Main characteristics

  • Capability as an Infantry Support Weapon, firing all NATO Standard Ammunition
  • Manned by a two man crew
  • Highly reliable autoloader
  • Autoloader reloading under armor
  • Modern capabilities
    • Hunter killer mission profiles
    • Integrated coax machine gun
    • Capability to integrate multiple sights from multiple manufacturers
    • Designed around current soldier HFE restrictions
    • Electric drives
    • Compartmentalized ammo storage
    • Precision fire control system
    • Intuitive Man Machine Interface
    • High probability of hit by the crew
    • “Steel on Target”