Next Generation Medium Caliber Armament System

The Cockerill™ 3030 weapon system is designed to become the Next Generation Medium Caliber Armament System for the US Army. The baseline model is TRL 9 and is currently in production for an international customer.

The Cockerill™ 3030 mounts a 30mm XM813 Medium Caliber electrically powered chain gun, and with minor engineering design changes can successfully integrate the XM-913 50mm cannon. The weapons system includes two state of the art sighting systems enabling hunter/killer capabilities as well as facilitating vehicle commander situational awareness. The Cockerill™ 3030 system has been tested with multiple sighting systems, allowing for a wide range of sighting options including the US Army 2nd Gen FLIR as well as off the shelf systems from US and foreign suppliers. In addition, the Cockerill™ 3030 has an under armor 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and the proven capability to fire all 30mm X 173mm ammunition in the US inventory including the MK310 Programmable Air Burst munition.

As an optionally manned capable turret weapon system, the Cockerill™ 3030 maintains the capability to support two- or three-Soldier crew configuration and provides turret roof hatches for crew situational awareness and to allow for ease of egress and performance of maintenance tasks. This turret can be rapidly fielded to meet near term requirements and has embedded modular growth capabilities inherent to its design to enable future technology and lethality improvements.

In 2015, US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center (CCDC-AC) selected John Cockerill Defense America (at that time CMI Defence America) to partner in the Medium Caliber Armament System Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (MCAS CRADA). John Cockerill Defense America provided a variant of the Cockerill 3030 turret, armed with the XM813 30mm cannon, and integrated subsystems to enable the CCDC-AC designed situational based fire control system testing in the fall of 2017. The MCAS CRADA turret performed flawlessly, providing CCDC-AC test data for over 5000 rounds of 30mm ammunition, including MK310 Programmable Air Burst Munition.  The MCAS CRADA turret allowed John Cockerill Defense to be first to understand and integrate the Army’s MCAS fire control system into an effective 30mm lethality system.  The MCAS CRADA turret continues to provide an innovation testbed with the John Cockerill Defense team working with CCDC-AC to develop CAD files for an initial integration of the XM-913 50mm cannon.

Main characteristics

  • Designed for the modern battlefield
  • Based on existing and in-production design
  • Provides superior performance in Stability Operations
  • Provides unprecedented access and protection in an unmanned turret
  • 2nd Gen FLIR Capable