Privacy Policy

Personal information regarding visitors is handled in accordance with the stipulations of the GDPR of May 25th 2018 relating to the handling of personal data.

Visitors are not required to disclose their personal data as a condition of using this website. If visitors request information through this website and supply CMI Defence America Inc. with their e-mail address or their name and postal address, they accept that this data will be used for the purpose of providing the requested information and that CMI Defence America Inc. may use this data in the future to provide other information about CMI that might be of interest to the visitors.

Visitors have the right to consult their personal data, to correct it if necessary, and to withdraw their consent to the use of their personal data by sending a request to the e-mail address below.

CMI Defence America Inc. commits to taking all possible security measures to prevent third parties from misusing personal data which has been supplied to it.

Data gathered by CMI Defence America Inc. is not at any time divulged to third parties unless an explicit prior agreement has been received.