About us



Incorporated in Delaware in January 2017 and headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, John Cockerill Defense America is the US subsidiary of John Cockerill Defense SA, the Belgium-based world leader for in-production, platform agnostic, integrated precision lethality solutions. John Cockerill Defense America has a singular focus - be the US military’s trusted partner for best-in-class integrated combat vehicle turret solutions.

For over 200 years, John Cockerill has focused its expertise and visionary spirit to the service of defense and the security of citizens. With a unique combination of skills in software engineering, ballistics, and mechatronics, John Cockerill Defense America teams with platform OEMs to provide unsurpassed protection, mobility, firepower, reliability, and sustainability to the United States military.

Cockerill™ manned and optionally manned turrets modernize to overmatch, delivering the very best lethality and situational awareness solutions for cross domain maneuver. John Cockerill Defense has a global reputation for meeting customer requirements with highly accurate, cost competitive turrets including embedded, attached, or standalone training/maintenance simulation systems. John Cockerill Defense is the  industry leader in direct fire lethality system design,  development, production,  and integration.  Today, there are over 2300 Cockerill™ 90mm gun systems fielded worldwide, and John Cockerill Defense is producing several hundred Cockerill™ 3000 series turrets. Additionally, John Cockerill Defense has capability to produce large caliber cannons from 90mm to 120mm.

In 2015, US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center (CCDC-AC) selected John Cockerill Defense America to partner in the Medium Caliber Armament System Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (MCAS CRADA). John Cockerill Defense America provided the turret and integrated subsystems for the CCDC-AC designed situational based fire control system testing in the fall of 2017. The MCAS CRADA turret performed flawlessly, providing CCDC-AC test data for over 5000 rounds of 30mm ammunition, including MK310 Programmable Air Burst Munition. 

Cockerill™ systems are modular and designed to be affordably upgraded in order to keep pace with the needs of their users. The very embodiment of the Cockerill™ brand, John Cockerill Defense America lethality systems are lightweight, provide highly effective firepower, performance, reliability, and protection for the crew.