200 Years of Innovation
In Weapons Development
And Defense Technology

200 Years of Innovation
In Weapons Development
And Defense Technology



John Cockerill Defense America is the US subsidiary of John Cockerill Defense SA, the Belgium-based world leader for in-production, platform agnostic, integrated precision lethality solutions. Innovative and visionary for over 200 years, Cockerill™ products modernize to overmatch by providing unsurpassed mobility, protection, firepower, sustainment, and mission command capabilities to the United States military.

Cockerill™ manned and unmanned turrets deliver the very best firepower and situational awareness solutions for cross domain maneuver; reliable, highly accurate, with worldwide lifecycle service and support. John Cockerill Defense has a global reputation for meeting customer requirements with highly accurate, cost competitive turrets and embedded, attached, or standalone training/maintenance simulation systems.

Product Highlights

Commonality, Modularity, Readiness

Superior performance provided to the crew on the modern battlefield

CPWS Gen 2: new multi-role, lightweight protected turret

Fast, Light, Stealthy – The First Ground Interceptor

Our Team

Kenneth Lockwood

Engineering Director / FSO

Christine Walker

Executive Assistant

Brad Herndon

VP Business Development